User Guide

How to use Wondershare PixStudio? Learn the step by step guide below

User Guide

Preview and export

Preview your designs

  1. Clicking the preview button on the right side of the top toolbar;
  2. Click the left and right arrow icons to switch the preview pages when designing multi-page files ;
  3. Click the Play icon to  loop preview the multi-page file;
  4. Clicking the Close icon to exit the preview mode at the upper right corner.

Print border

Showing print border can help you layout important design materials for print designs:

  1.  Create a new design or open an existing design;
  2.  Click the file in the top toolbar;
  3.  Select Show Print Border. The print border will appear on the design page with dashed lines;
  4. Kepp important design elements inside the borders to ensure that they will not be cut off when printing;

Print bleed

Adding print bleed lines to your design so that you could print to the edges of print material, avoiding white gaps:

  1. Create a new design or open an existing design;
  2. Click File in the menu bar above the workplace;
  3. Select Show print bleed, the border of the dashed lines will appear near the edge of the design canvas. This margin is fixed and couldn't be adjusted.
  4. If you see white spaces around the design drawing edges, please adjust or stretch the background or other items to cover them.

Export your designs

  1. Click Download from the top-right corner of the workplace.

  2. Click to choose a file type on the dropdown page as PNG, JPEG, or PDF. 

  3. If your design has multiple pages, all the pages will be automatically downloaded to your computer by clicking the Download button.

  4. You could download high-quality JPG and PNG with transparent backgrounds with a Pro account.

  5. The design will be saved to your browser's assigned download folder.

Tips: you could download your designs after signing up or logging in to your account.