User Guide

How to use Wondershare PixStudio? Learn the step by step guide below

User Guide

Use text

PixStudio Online provides text design for your design:

  1. Create a new design or open your existing design;
  2. Click "Text" on the left sidebar;
  3. Click Add a headingAdd a subheading, or Add body text to add text, or you could choose a text design below;
  4. Click the text box to edit.

Edit Text

  1. Click a text box to edit it;
  2. Make adjustments on the right side of your workplace to change the text properties. Such as font style, font size, font color, bold effect, italic, underline, Uppercase and lowercase, left alignment, center, right alignment, line spacing, and letter spacing;
  3. Change the font size in the text box by dragging the corners of the text box;
  4. Change the size of a text box by dragging the left and right borders.

Tips: Adjustments will be applied to all the text in a text box currently.