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Most of our careers and professions have become online oriented as "work from home" has become a thing now. With social websites channelizing different ways of earning, YouTube is among the top of them. People with different educational backgrounds find a way to exhibit their skills and try their best to monetize their accounts. With different scales set for views and likes YouTube, ensures that people are investing in their passion.

In the next sections, we will be taking YouTube thumbnail size into account and how it is used for YouTubers and influencers.

Part 1: What is YouTube Thumbnail size?

Part 2: How is it used for YouTubers?

Part 3: Introducing PixStudio Online YouTube Thumbnail Templates

Part 1: What is YouTube Thumbnail size?

Before we jump on to the advanced features of anything under consideration, it is advisable that we have a clear mind about what it brings to the table and how its use can impact us in the long run. Similarly, having a detailed outlook on YouTube video thumbnail size has the capacity to open ways for your future. Therefore, without any further delay, let us first understand what a YouTube Thumbnail is?

A YouTube Thumbnail is basically a snapshot of the video that allows the viewers to make a quick decision of what they want to preview next. It is the first thing people notice and make a judgment about your video. The Size of the YouTube Thumbnail has to be worked out quite carefully. Why? Because size really does not matter as long as we are keeping them comprehensive and is expressing an absolute idea of what the video will cover. Moreover, small things have the most power, don't you agree?

How does a YouTube Thumbnail Work?

As the audience launches YouTube, they are looking for everything that amazes them and provides them a way to blow off some steam. To do this, they would not be opening all videos and then opening/closing them based on their interest as it will be quite a turn-off, right? Therefore, to the rescue comes YouTube Thumbnails.

If your thumbnail accurately describes your video, people will just not resist tapping on it, hitting the like button, and to your surprise, may end up subscribing to your channel. Therefore, the importance of the YouTube thumbnail can never be ignored.

The Size of YouTube Thumbnail

It is often said that judging the book by its cover is not something suggestive. However, the situation at hand is kind of the opposite. The audience, whilst their browsing journey, continuously makes judgments about your videos just by a mere glance at the thumbnail. This enhances the pressure on beginners specifically to plan a thumbnail that has the ability to attract as many people as it can.

For the same purpose, first of all, it is important to have clear background knowledge regarding YouTube thumbnail size. There are certain specifics in the market that set up boundaries for you.

YouTube Thumbnail Size

The ideal thumbnail size for all YouTube users is 1280×720 pixels. It is important to note down that the choice of this specific size is not random. It is the dimension of a 720p video, which is a default resolution of playback and known as HD video size.

YouTube Thumbnail Dimensions

The next question that arises is what size is a YouTube thumbnail when it comes to its dimension. If you want your thumbnail to exhibit uniqueness from others, make it 16:9. A greater aspect ratio like 4:3 can also work for you, but it will bring about the black background to the sides. On the other hand, if you use a less aspect ratio than 16:9, get ready to witness dark bars on top and bottom.

These black bars play a pivotal role in leaving a bad impression of your YouTube Thumbnail Size. Therefore, you have got to make sure that the decision of dimension is carefully planned and measured.

YouTube Thumbnail Width

For fruitful results, YouTube has also set a minimum width on YouTube Thumbnail size. You are supposed to keep it to 640 pixels. For beginners, it is advised that you follow the guidelines precisely. However, keeping it less than 640 pixels would not pop up any error, but be ready to see your thumbnail blurry.

YouTube Thumbnail Images

The maximum image size of the YouTube thumbnail is 2MB. It is important that before you design your thumbnail, keep the size in consideration. If your file size is larger than 2 MB, then the thumbnail will be ceased to upload and show an error text message.

YouTube Thumbnail Image Format

The ideal YouTube Thumbnail images format are JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Any other use of image format such as with file extensions .nef, .arw, .crw are strictly not accepted. Therefore, you are supposed to convert them into some standard image formats, as mentioned above.

Part 2: How is it used for YouTubers?

While all YouTubers invest their efforts in making videos, a significant portion of their time is also spent in making effective YouTube Thumbnails. Most of YouTubers use YouTube thumbnail creators so that they have a better chance to stand out in the crowd. Even though the size of the YouTube thumbnail is limited, a lot of hard work is needed because these thumbnails have just a micro-second to captivate the viewers. If you cannot do so, you lost a viewer.

The YouTube thumbnails work like a charm if you have become an expert in making one. For beginners, however, we have carved out a way to first let them know how to set up a featured thumbnail in their YouTube videos. Let us get to it!

Setting up a Featured Thumbnail

It is mandatory to understand some of the basic steps of featuring up the customized YouTube video thumbnail. Follow the easy steps and get familiar with the process in minutes.

  1. After the video is uploaded on your channel, you might observe a list of default thumbnails that YouTube generates on its own.
  2. Click on the customized thumbnail and add the thumbnail.
  3. After you have added the desired thumbnail, it will appear in the series of thumbnails where you can change it anytime you want.

There are several YouTube thumbnail makers in the market that ensure you have the best experience whilst using it and bring out the best thumbnail from the process. For productive results, you are advised to set up a search and browse for the best of them all. Moreover, you can utilize YouTube Thumbnail templates for satisfactory results.

Tips for Creating Effective Thumbnails

Now, the question arises, how to create an effective YouTube Thumbnail that catches the attention of the viewer and forces him to open the video instantly. For beginners as well as experts, we have outlined some of the most important tips and considerations. Following them precisely is guaranteed to work in the long run and will never leave you in a lurch. However, it is suggested that you go through the end of this section so that a better understanding can be ensured.

Visually Appealing

A YouTube thumbnail should have this trait. It should be visually stunning and gets the attention of the maximum viewers. If your thumbnail is meaningful, high quality, and expresses the desired message, you are automatically among the best in the chain. You have to be certain that it is not old school and convinces people to tap on it that instant.

Adding text to the Thumbnail

Adding text to the thumbnail is also considered to be quite workable. You can use an eye-catchy one-liner that goes with your thumbnail and brings about purpose in the thumbnail. Most of the time, the dimension of our thumbnail is less than or greater than 16:9, which results in black backgrounds. Those black bars can be utilized by adding texts to them and making them look more expressive. Moreover, it will be a good use of free space.

Use of Reasonable Font

The use of a suitable font is very important when it comes to thumbnails. The choice of font should be based on its ability to stand out of other fonts, bold and neat. The use of intricate and complex fonts can be a turn-off for the viewers, and they will not wait a sec to read and scroll off.

Honest Thumbnail and Titles

Another essential consideration to keep in mind is the use of honest thumbnails that only manifest the video that you have uploaded. If the audience finds the dishonesty in your thumbnails, it will not leave a good impression, and you may lose your credibility before even making one.

YouTube Thumbnails Compatible with all devices

Another important thing to keep under account is the compatibility of YouTube thumbnails with all devices. It is mandatory that the thumbnails you create are in the standard image formats, as mentioned above. Any divergence from those formats will result in the thumbnails unable to be shown on several devices. Furthermore, the videos where the thumbnails are unable to work creates a bad impression on the viewer.

Therefore, it is advisable that before you make your thumbnail for a YouTube video, ensure that it will be workable in both android and iPhone.

Part 3: Introducing Wondershare PixStudio YouTube Thumbnail Templates

With the market teaming up with several YouTube Thumbnail templates and creator tools, allow me to introduce you to the best of them all. Wondershare PixStudio Online is a famous tool used by millions of people for solving their problems in nanoseconds. If you are not familiar with its interface, there is no need to panic as we have devised out step by step solution for you. It is encouraged to follow the guidelines correctly to avoid any inconvenience in the future.


  • It offers a wide range of design templates to be used on the go.
  • It allows cloud storage service.
  • It is quite favorable for graphic design needs.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Online

Share-ability: Easy sharing on multiple platforms

Step 1: Establishing Account on Wondershare PixStudio

First of all, you are required to sign up yourself and make your account. As you launch the Wondershare PixStudio Online tool, you will find "Sign up" located on the top right corner of the interface. Tap on it and insert all the required information. After that, click on "Create Account."

Step 2: Generating Designs using Templates

For creating designs with templates, you have two ways. According to the first way, you are supposed to tap on "Template," which is located on the top left of the interface. After that, you can search for different templates by making use of relatable keywords. In a couple of minutes, there will be results. You can choose one and start working on it.

According to the second option, you are required to stay on the editing page and tap on available templates. From the list of templates, you can choose one and start the designing process.

Step 3: Customizing Designs

For customizing your designs, Wondershare PixStudio Online does not disappoint you. With a great variety of options, you can make changes to your design and make it look visually engaging. You can add text and headings to your design or insert stickers to make it look interesting to the viewer. Moreover, you can use photos to relate to your video.

Step 4: Previewing and Exporting Designs

To preview your design, first, go to the top right corner of the interface and tap on the "Preview" button. You can use left and right arrow buttons to check multiple designs in a row. After you have seen the design, click on the "Close" button situated on the top right niche of the page.

To export your design, tap on the "Download" button on the top right corner of the interface. You can choose the file type, for instance, PNG, JPEG, and PDF. After some time, the design will be downloaded in your desired folder. 


The article covered the background knowledge related to YouTube thumbnail size and carved out its importance for YouTubers. Moreover, with this article in hand, the beginners will be able to put their effort into videos as well as thumbnails for fruitful results. The article also introduced Wondershare PixStudio Online that promises to solve all your problems related to graphics and doesn't disappoint in the process.

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