Best Wanted Poster Templates to Use for Work or Fun

Are you staring at a blank wanted poster and thinking about how to design it? Here are some quirky ideas to get started:

Wanted Poster

8 Best Wanted Posters

1. Wanted Santa Funny Poster

Pix Studio has the perfect set of templates if you wish to design Santa posters. For instance, if you were to set up Wanted Santa posters at malls, simply type in the theme and you will get several design options. If you want to create funny ones, you can do that easily. What’s more, you get several editing choices. For instance, you could choose to remove the background of a poster template and replace it with an image from your computer folder.

2. Old Yellow Wanted Poster

This could be an odd title for your poster, just right when you need to get the attention of your viewers. This poster template gets you the right ideas, especially when you are seeking some quirky poster ideas for your marketing campaign. It could be a product or service, allowing your creativity to find ways to use this poster template.

3. Ace Wanted Poster

This is another quirky poster design template from PixStudio. It gives you ideas for designing a similar poster or an easy platform to create a different one, using a blank wanted poster. As for all other templates, you can easily change the size, fonts, add on more pages and change the images as well.

4. Editable Wanted Poster for Business

This is a sample of the different types of wanted poster template designs that businesses could use. This standard poster template can get you started, especially if you are looking to advertise for retail staff. With the standard dimensions already provided, simply change the business name, contact details, and other particulars. This template can help you design and complete wanted business posters in no time. The template reduces the time for resizing, with standard dimensions already provided. It also gives standard font and business lingo that can be easily used for different business advertisements.

5. Have You Seen This Man Wanted Poster

If you are working for the law or police department and have been assigned to develop wanted posters, this template will make the work so much easier. Simply use the template, change the name and other particulars as per your city or law department requirements.

6. Wanted Staff Poster

This is a common and highly popular poster template. Those who run retail outlets and need to put up such ads will find this template easy to use. There is no need to take on a media specialist to create the poster when such a template is available on PixStudio.

7. Wanted Poster for Recruitment

This is yet another useful business poster idea. You could use it as it is, simply changing the details. Or else, use it as a template by making changes in the words, images, background, and so forth.

8.Funny Movie Wanted Poster

How about designing a poster for a funny movie weekend plan? If you are planning a fun movie night with your friends, use this template to get started. Simply put in the movie details, timings, and you are done. Of course, you might want to change other particulars in the poster as well.

How to Create Wanted Poster with PixStudio?

As it is apparent from the above wanted poster template designs, it is easy to get started and create a poster of your choice on PixStudio:

  • Log onto the PixStudio online page; you can join for free.
  • Choose a template to get started.
  • Change the details as per your requirement; there are easy options for changing background, adding photos, elements, and text from the left-hand sidebar panel.
  • Once the poster is as per your requirement, simply save it in your account or share or export it.


PixStudio is a helpful, online platform that allows anyone to create posters with ease. Simply by creating a free account one can use several poster templates and create their own posters within seconds.

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