7 Best Poster Creators to Make Your Own Poster

Today there are several versatile ways to create posters. There are free resources online which allow users to simply use their tools and templates and complete designs in minutes. These often extend themselves to apps. They are again available for Android and iOS devices. Finally, there are comprehensive software suites that PC users can also use, either for free or with a subscription price.

Best Online Poster Creator

The online websites which offer easy poster creations are a great choice. They can be hassle-free ways to create and share as well as upload on cloud storage spaces. This category includes the following choices.


This is a photo gallery created by WonderShare to help users find an easy and effective way to edit and share their photos. There are several features that this software offers:

It allows you to have an intuitive, user-friendly interface, especially when you are working on iOS devices.

It offers several photo effects for free – there are effects tailored for your Mac as well as for Aviary, Instagram, and Retrica.

You get to save your photos in high resolution.

Poster Maker

It acts as a design maker, especially coming in handy if you are looking for a creative, user-friendly platform for creating posters, logos, and thumbnails. When you are looking to use PixStudio, it benefits you in the following ways:

  • With this software it is easy to create designs in a fast, simple way, even if you are a beginner; you can get started with the drag, drop templates.
  • Creative assets here are easy to access, if you are looking for design ideas, simply look up the vast repository of templates here. There are types for invitations, for event posters, for posting on social media, and so forth.
  • Ease of sharing, it is possible to share with people easily. One-click downloads can help you complete creations fast and share your stories on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
    The best aspect of this software is the large collection of templates you can access. Free templates can help create lost or wanted posters as well as business or festival posters just as easily.


This is a popular poster creator free suite for students. School or college students will find a large repository of posters here, for varied topics and subjects. The platform is such that students can intuitively use the software and create informative, fun posters.

Features of this software are as follows:

  • There are over 12000 poster templates to choose from.
  • These help in-class assignments as well as for designing announcement posters, or those for schedules or events.
  • There is no prior designing skill required.
  • Custom designs can be ideal for campaigns, school events as well as for designing flyers, even online videos or social media presentations.
  • These can be shared online as well as created for printouts.


This software suite was initially started as a poster creation application for desktops. Today the same has been extended for mobile devices as well. It is a reliable, comprehensive website and software application with which you find a host of captivating design tools.

Features of this design tool are as follows:

  • There is no need for prior design experience; it is possible to use the poster maker software for free and use its basic, free tools and templates for basic, fun designs.
  • There is a large collection of illustrations, icons, and images on this platform.
  • Once you create a design here, it is possible to access the same on different devices; you can also share it over different social media platforms.
  • If you wish to avail of the print service of Canva, you can opt for home delivery of your printed posters.
  • There are hundreds of font combinations and thousands of templates to choose from.

Salient features of the desktop or Pro version of Canva are as follows:

Teams can create and collaborate in real-time on the designs they create on this platform. They can make presentations for social media platforms. These can be worked upon by team members from different devices; with a single subscription it is possible to invite team members, provide them access permissions and allow them to start creating and making changes.

Enhanced editing features are available such as a photo straightener, an editing tool that allows you to rotate photos, straighten horizon lines, and so forth. It is also possible to continue editing through the iOS or the android app of Canva. Other editing effects are stellar effects to transform photos into glamorous shots. There are different kinds of filters you can use. Other fun effects include drag and drop bubbles for speeches. You can add these and turn pictures into stories where characters converse and a story unfolds. You can keep the creativity flowing as you resize bubbles, change colors, edit dialogs, and so forth. Other effects include photo blur, image cropper, choice of icons, frames, photo grids, and others.

Poster Creator for PC

When it comes to creating posters on PCs, here are some good choices of photo editing software to consider:

1. Adobe Illustrator

This is a software that is ideal for the creation and editing of photos, especially on Windows desktops. You can take up the trial version or opt for the annual subscription at the price of $20.99.

Most professionals find all their requisite tools and utilities on Adobe Photoshop. If you need vectors to work with, you can look at Adobe Illustrator. This is an image editing platform that is used in motion picture editing, the development of video games as well as mobile apps. You can create professional designs for fashion, brand logos, pictograms, icons, typography fonts, business cards, banners, and others.

Salient features of this tool are the following:

  • Feature-rich image designing tool.
  • Provides support to different file formats.
  • Has a large collection of templates.
  • Allows sync settings for the cloud.
  • The free trial has limited features; a monthly subscription opens up many features and functions.

2. Fotophire

WonderShare offers this software suite as a one-stop tool kit for photo editing. It has a photo eraser, photo cutter as well as editing tools. Hence, you would be able to crop or edit photos as well as cut the dimensions. It is easy to take out unwanted objects as well with this editing software.

Features of this software are as follows:

  • Free trial of this software is for seven days.
  • It allows you to transform images, retouch and adjust them as well.
  • There are easy ways to create eye-catching images as well as choose over 200 types of effects to add to the images.
  • If a photo is poorly lit, you can fix it with lighting effects. To make a photo appear more captivating, it is easy to do with the features that it provides.
  • You can flip or tint pictures as well as add on creative filters, vignette, and frame or blur different images.
  • There is a rich library that has different types of frames, overlays, filters.

Starting price of this software's subscription is $49.99 annually.

Poster Creator Apps

There are several poster creator app options that you can choose from, as per your mobile platform and editing requirements.

1. Movie Poster Maker

This is a versatile software in the category of creating movie posters. This movie poster creator software is especially used to create hit movie posters. If you are designing a blockbuster movie poster, you will find all the tools to make them with this software.

Salient features of this software include:

  • Thousands of professionally designed templates to choose from.
  • Many ways to personalize the movie templates.
  • Many easy-to-use design and editing tools are included.

2. Poster Maker for iOS Devices

This is your go-to software if you are looking to create school flyers or posters on your Mac computer or on your iPad. It is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to transform regular posts into creative ones.

The software includes many features such as:

  • It has a separate flyer designer suite that includes templates, editing tools, fonts, and visuals for creating masterpieces.
  • The software allows easy integration with social media platforms; you can write quotes, design posters, send photo messages, and so forth. It allows you to design posters for printouts, post on Instagram, design flyers, banner ads, announcements, and more.
  • With this software, it is easy to design invitations, design icons, or website banners.
  • There are custom backgrounds, typography fonts to choose from.
  • It includes more than 300 design and decorative elements.
    Those who have iTunes accounts can easily download this software. It has a 3 day trial period to offer. The subscription gets renewed automatically if you opt for a weekly or annual subscription.

It is priced at $4.99 weekly or $39.99 yearly.


With several poster creator software out there you can easily find what you are looking for. You will get the right software either as an online resource or as an app. There are also desktop software versions, especially for those who have frequent, professional designing requirements.

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