What color is violet? Fun Facts About Violet Color You Didn’t Know Earlier

Back in 2018, Violet was announced as the Pantone Color of the year. It is considered as the color of imagination & spirituality and also considered one of the most significant additions to the color wheel. Read the article to get a deep insight into different facts about the violet color in different perspectives of life.

Part 1: What color is violet?

As far as its position on the color wheel is concerned, violet is placed between red and blue. You can also locate it at the opposite end of Yellow, which is also considered as the complement of violet. The pigments for violet color are derived from different elements including berries, carminic acid, kermes acid, and even artificial compounds. 

As opposed to what you may have read in kindergarten or high school, Violet can’t be made by mixing red and blue colors. Unlike Red, the color Violet has the shortest wavelength, which means it lies on the opposite end of the wavelength spectrum.

It’s also worth noting that it is impossible for the human eye to see ultraviolet as its wavelength is too small to notice. Just like we can’t see anything more than Infrared, it’s also not possible to see the ultraviolet color as well. This is the reason why many designers use it as the background for their templates. 

Violet flower

Part 2: What does the color violet mean?

So, what does the violet color signify? The truth is Violet is considered the color of spirituality and a positive mindset. Being one of reflective colors, it is believed that Violet can help humans connect with the most profound thoughts and expand their imagination. 

Since it lies between Red and Blue, Violet has the key-characteristics of both these colors. Like Red, it reflects the strength and positive energy. Similarly, it also represents spirituality just like its other neighbor blue. Some people even believe that violet helps people balance their physician and mental self to gain a better perspective in life.

This is the reason why as soon as you look at a Violet flower or Violet-colored object, a ray of positive thoughts starts to flow through the mind. You become more surreal and achieve spiritual fulfillment while merely looking at the Violet color.

In addition to this, Violet is also considered the color of dreams and a better future. Many popular artists such as Prince and David Bowie wore violet sunglasses to embark on the journey to fulfill their dreams and achieve artistic brilliance. Following their footsteps, many other big names in pop culture embraced the Violet color in their lives.

Part 3: Difference between violet and purple

Despite being a shade of Purple, Violet color is significantly different from the former. Unlike Violet, Purple is made by mixing equal portions (1:1) of red and blue. Moreover, it tends to look more reddish and is not a spectral color. For people who don’t know, a spectral color is a color that gets emitted by a single wavelength.

Several studies have proved that Violent is a spectral color as there are several light sources that produce monochromatic violet light. However, as far as purple is concerned, it gets emitted when two different wavelengths (red & blue) from the wavelength spectrum combine together, making it a non-spectral color.

Another thing that you might not know is that only humans are unable to differentiate between purple and Violet. Since both these colors simulate the cones in our eyes the same way, they usually look similar to us. However, there are many animals on the planet who are capable of precisely differentiating between Purple and Violet.

So, it’s no doubt that both these colors are significantly different from each other.

Part 4: More Facts About Violet Color

  1. Masterpiece review: Vincent Van Gogh Irises Painting Violet Fuchsia Color Palette


Another fun fact about Violet color is that it was a significant part of Van Gogh’s most popular artwork “Irises”. In fact, the artwork gained so much popularity that it was sold for almost $59 million dollars later in a 1987 exhibition. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that Van Gogh started this artwork in a mental asylum. It was inspired by the flower garden inside the asylum.

It is also believed that it was his first creation after entering the asylum and he continued creating several masterpieces thereafter. If you look closely at the painting, you’ll notice that all the iris petals have their unique characteristics. They differ from each other in terms of size, shape, and even the shade of their respective color.  You’ll also notice that one blossom (the white one) has a completely different shape, size, color than the rest of the irises.

The painting was a sign of dedication and persistence. Even though he created this masterpiece while being treated in an asylum, Van Gogh ensured to channel positive energy and use his surroundings to draw something extremely unique.

  1. Violet Color from a Designer’s Perspective

In the modern world, the color Violet has several designing applications in different walks of life. More and more popular are utilizing its multidimensional characteristics by using it for packaging and product designing. It can give a unique brand identity to your business and help you stand out among the crowd as well.

Apart from designing, Violet is also becoming a popular trend in fashion. Both men and women have started to wear Violet color clothes as they look more appealing and add a unique touch to one’s overall style. Since it reflects luxury and uniqueness, many people tend to customize their favorite belongings with an Ultraviolet shade.

  1. Get the Highest-Quality Violet Templates

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Once you have chosen the right template you can start adding more elements to the banner/logo and make it more appealing for your potential customers.


That’s everything you need to know about Violet color and its significance in different walks of life. Being the most unique color, you can use Violet in different forms to make your brand stand out among the competitors.

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