How to Create a Poster in Word?

Marketing posters are the most common form of advertising. Due to the excessive graphics, you have difficulty creating posters with ease. There are, however, numerous features available with platforms like Microsoft Word. One of its most surprising features is the ability to create posters. In this way, you can provide a visual representation of your idea, which is discussed in the same document.

It's okay if you aren't familiar with how to create a poster in Word. Using our detailed guide, you will know how to make a poster within no time.

Steps to Make a Poster on Word

Designing your poster in Word is a long procedure and you will have to use a wide range of tools. It is commonly used for its efficiency. The tool has several features. You can create a poster on this tool using some simple techniques.

If you have to create a poster, take the help of Word. To know how to create a poster in Word, follow the steps given below.

1. Open a Word File

Launch a Word document on your PC or laptop. The next step is to open the file where you are going to add the poster. But if you want to store it in a new file, create one.

2. Use the SmartArt Option

On the 'Insert' tab, you will find the option 'SmartArt Graphics' that is in the illustration segment. With this, you can open a new window over SmartArt Graphics.


3. Choose and Personalize the Design

A window is going to open up on your PC or laptop screen. Now, you will have to choose the template for the poster in SmartArt Graphics from the various categories present on the left side.
When you choose the template, it will add to the screen and a pane window will emerge from managing the poster's content. The tool also lets you add images to the poster you have created. Just keep the cursor over the design and go over to the 'Insert' tab and then click on the option 'Pictures'.

Make Poster in Word

So, you have got an idea about how to make a poster in Word.

Word is a powerful processing platform. You can also have multiple pages on the poster and print them easily. Would you like to know how to print a poster on multiple pages in Word, you just have to open the image you have created to print it. Thereafter, you have to choose 'Print' and then 'Page Setup'. Now, from the 'Scaling' option, choose 'Fit' and choose the setting. When you are done, click on 'Ok'. From 'Paint' print the pages. However, you will have to choose the option 'All Pages' for this.

Easily Make a Poster for School with Online Poster Maker

Are you finding it a little difficult to make a poster using Microsoft Word? Well, you can use an online poster-making tool. There are several options over the internet. However, one of the best and easiest online tools is PixStudio.

It is a graphic design maker for posters, logos, and more. With this, you can design your poster without any hassle. The tool can make your designs and ideas come to life. This all-in-one tool has been created for everyone. No, you don't have to be tech-savvy to use the editing and poster-making tool. As you drag and drop creative elements into chosen templates, you will be able to let your imagination fly.

The tool will let you customize the templates as per your brand. Just with one click, you can easily remove the background image and use your creativity more flexibly. You will many ample templates to choose from.

To create the perfect poster with PixStudio, you must follow the steps below.

Make Poster with PixStudio

1. Join PixStudio for free by clicking the 'Join for Free' option.

2. Following the account creation, you'll be able to access the tool. Go to 'Create a Design' to get started.

3. Once you have selected the ratio of your 'Poster,' you will see the poster templates provided by PixStudio.

4. Design the poster in various ways, such as adding illustrations and typography. This tool will also allow you to add and remove graphic elements. Designing the poster is easy because you can change the size, alignment, color, and other aspects of it.

5. Once you have finished customizing the template, click 'Download' to save your changes. You can choose between JPG, PNG, and PDF file types.

A large number of websites and social media platforms use PixStudio. Even if you don't have much technical knowledge, you can create high-quality posters. What's even better is that you don't even have to download or pay for it. Whenever you want, just open it in your preferred web browser.

Using Word, How Do You Print Multiple Pages of a Poster?

In Microsoft Word, you can print a poster on several pages by following a few steps. Let's see how you do it.

1. Select the 'File' option.

2. When you click the 'Print' button, the next page will appear.

3. Choose how many pages you want to tile vertically or horizontally, the size of the pages, and the orientation of the pages.

4. You will need to click the 'Print' button in order to print multiple pages of your poster in Microsoft Word.


A poster is a way to advertise a brand or an event. It's therefore important to make sure it's attractive and high-quality. It contains both text and graphics. A poster is an effective way of attracting the attention of the people. Be sure your poster is informative when designing it. Using Word, you can make a poster.

If you prefer a more straightforward method, you may consider PixStudio. PixStudio is an online tool that is free to use. The software comes with a number of templates that you can use to make your poster.

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