6 Class Rules Poster Ideas

If you are looking for poster design ideas, PixStudio is the place to go. It has a subscription-based as well as a free repository of ideas for creative designing. Here we talk about the creative base that it provides for designing posters. Classrooms nowadays are made attractive and educational with the aid of posters. Teachers can find several creative classroom rules poster designs on this platform.

PixStudio offers simple, fast design solutions. Once you open an account here, you can get started and complete a poster design within seconds. There are handy drag-and-drop templates that can help anyone create impressive posters. Even if the free resources are limited, the subscription comes at an affordable price. For instance, the monthly cost is $9.99 for a Pro subscription.

Creative assets are varied and accessible here. The large collection of templates helps one to get going with any creative project. It is easy to design posters, not only for printouts but also for social media posts or for online circulation. Once a poster is created, one can easily share the same in different ways. The platform offers a one-click download. Once your designs are downloaded, you can share the same on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Classroom Rule Poster

6 Best Classroom Rules Poster Template

1. Class Rule Poster for Kids

The beginning of any session or term sees teachers having to design classroom posters of different kinds. Class rule posters are for children to know what kind of rules they need to follow in a class. To help teachers get started, this generic rules poster template can prove useful. It has general rules and guidelines as are common for primary school classes.

Teachers can simply log in, and have created a free account on the PixStudio site. Once they are logged in, they can find this poster template in the poster section. They can also use the search option to look for theme posters, using certain keywords. Once the poster template is found, it is easy to make edits, using different categories on the left-hand side panel. In this poster, for instance, you can choose to put other animated characters or cartoons. You could also choose to change the background of the same.

Once you have made changes as per your requirement, simply download the same on your computer. You can save the file in any folder. It is then easy to get it printed or shared on different social media platforms.

2. Animated Class Rule Poster

This particular class rule poster has a light peach background on which lies the image of a castle. Against this fairytale-like backdrop, you find encouraging or inspirational guidelines written. These could be perfect for the kind of classroom poster you had in mind.

If you wish to make certain changes, such as exploring other background images, you can easily do so, using the options provided on the left-hand side panel. Here you get options such as background images, photos to choose from. Of course, if you opt for a Pro membership, you will get access to a larger collection of templates and editing options.

It is also easy to edit the heading or the main text body of the poster. You can also choose to change font styles, colors, and other details. Once all changes are as per your requirement and you are happy with the design, you can choose to save it in your PixStudio online account. You could also download the same on your computer or mobile device. It is then easy to get it printed out or shared on different online platforms.

3. Blue Class Rule Poster

This is another classroom rules poster template design, with a blue background. There are several rules mentioned which usually apply to most classrooms in primary and middle school levels.

This poster design could be perfect if you were looking to coordinate your classroom posters with the wall colors. In case you want to change the background color or the borders, that is easily done. Simply login, using your PixStudio account, and get started. You can make changes as you want or simply choose to save the design in your account folder. It is easy to download it in different formats as well as per your choice.

4. Puzzle Classroom Rule Poster

The beginning of any new school term brings in much work for the class teachers. The start is with decorating the classroom, with colorful posters that include useful information and guidelines for the students. To help teachers get their work done easily, this is a template, one of many, on class rules and guidelines. It includes generic instructions and guidelines that are commonly put up in classrooms of primary schools.

The standard, colorful template can be put to use easily. You can choose to download it in the original form or change the dimensions to get it in a larger size. In order to do so, you need to have an account on the platform. Once you key in the login details, you can then proceed to download the same. It is easy to save the format in a folder on your computer. After it is downloaded and saved, you can then get it printed out or share it on different platforms.

5. Colorful Class Rules Poster 

Primary school teachers aim to create a colorful, fun learning environment for their children. That is where classroom rules poster templates on PixStudio come of use. This particular poster design incorporates different colors in block form on which useful rules are elaborated for the children to follow. Teachers can easily use this poster template as it is, simply by becoming a subscriber to the platform. There are many templates that they can access, even as free members, while others need to be Premium or Pro members. Even with a free account they can download templates available or make changes in them and save them as their own designs in their online account.

With easy editing features listed on the platform, it can help teachers to quickly create posters and get them in the dimensions they want. They can change layouts, images in the backdrop, colors, themes, font styles, and much more. The templates help them to get started, allowing them to create with ease. Even if one is new to online poster creation, they will find the easy, user-friendly elements here easy to maneuver with.

6. Class Rules of 2021 Poster

If you are looking for a motivational class rules poster to start the new fall session, this is the poster template to use. It has motivating guidelines that would be ideal for primary classrooms. They can help teachers set the right path for the children, letting them know what is expected of them in the classroom. This particular class rules poster is easy to download, once you have an account on the platform.

Even the free account makes one eligible for accessing many poster templates for free. You can even make certain changes, such as in the background, images, elements, fonts, and other aspects. Once the changes are made as per your requirement, you can then save the design on your account. Or else, it is easy to download the same onto your computer. It is then available for sharing or for printout, as per your requirement.

How to Create Class Rules Posters with ?

PixStudio has been created by WonderShare as a wonderful creative platform for editing and creating logos, posters, and other design ideas. You can use the vast array of templates in an easy way here. Steps to create class rules posters on this platform are as follows:

  • Log onto the official site of PixStudio.
  • Use your login credentials or create a free account on the site.
  • Once on the main page, use the search option to find class rules poster templates.
  • This search will open up several options including back to school templates.
  • Choose a poster template of your choice; if you wish to use it as it is, simply click on the download.
  • In case you wish to edit the same, click on the different sections of the poster; you can use the editing options on the left-hand side panel.
  • Once edits are done, you can save the design in your account or download the same.

In this way, even free account users can easily find posters of their choice and download the same from this platform. Of course, the Pro or Premium membership allows access to an even greater repository or library of creative assets on this platform.


As evident from the above sections, there are several class rules poster ideas and templates that teachers and students can access on PixStudio. They help make designing posters easy and hassle-free. Even if one is new to creative ideas online, this platform helps make editing easy and simple. With one click download option, it is easy to get started with online or posters ready for printouts right away.

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