3 Ways To Add A Thumbnail To YouTube Video

If you've been using YouTube lately, you're probably already familiar with the idea of thumbnails and what they are. If you're not well versed in the subject, the first thing you should know is that thumbnails are as crucial as the video's title. They are a great alternative when looking to get more visits.

Video Thumbnails are increasingly becoming an essential aspect of video marketing. When users look for what they can watch next, the video's thumbnails are the first thing they will pick from. It has been observed that videos with excellent thumbnails have a better chance of succeeding and increasing the channels' audience.

Though you are just starting as a content creator, you might have some doubts about thumbnails. For example, you probably have no idea how to add a thumbnail to a YouTube video, let alone from which devices you can do it. If this is your case, keep reading to find out more about three different ways to add a thumbnail on a YouTube video, as well as some must-knows about thumbnails in general.

Add YouTube Thumbnail

Part 1: How To Add Thumbnail On YouTube On Computer

Adding a thumbnail on YouTube can seem like a daring task, but by following these easy steps, you can do it pretty quickly!

1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.

2. Go to the "video" workspace and find the thumbnail of your choice. If you haven't uploaded the video yet, then click on the camera with the plus sign in the top right corner to upload it. 

Go to YouTube Studio

3. Choose from one of the three images that YouTube offers, or add a custom thumbnail you made yourself!

Open Videos to Add YouTube Thumbnail

4. Once you're satisfied with your choice of thumbnail, click save, and you're done!

Upload YouTube Thumbnail

Part 2: How To Add A Thumbnail On YouTube On iPhone

If you can't use a computer, don't let that stop you from editing your video. Just by following these simple steps on how to add a thumbnail to a YouTube video on iPhone, you'll be able to get the same results! The app is also available on your mobile phone.

  • Open the YouTube Studio app on your mobile device. If you don't have it, the best way to get started is to download the app from the app store.
  • Tap the menu sign on the left corner of your screen.
  • Select the "videos" option.
  • Choose the video you'd like to edit.
  • Tap "edit,"; which is the pencil icon.
  • Click on "Edit thumbnail." Take one of the auto-generated thumbnails; or, if you want to use one you've created, choose a custom thumbnail instead!
  • Once you're satisfied with your thumbnail, click on "select· and then "save." That's it; you're all settled.

Add Thumbnail Photos on iPhone

Part 3: How To Add A Thumbnail On YouTube On Android

The first step to learning how to add a thumbnail to a YouTube video on Android is to download the YouTube Studio app on the Google Play Store.

Once you've downloaded it, open the Studio app.

  • Click on the menu sign.
  • Select the "videos" option
  • Go to the video you want to edit.
  • Tap on "edit"; the pencil-shaped icon.
  • Tap "Edit thumbnail."
  • Choose the thumbnail you'd like to use. You can use an auto-generated thumbnail or upload your own.
  • Once you're happy with it, click on "select."
  • Save it, and you're done!

Add YouTube Thumbnail on Android

Part 4: Tips For Making Good Custom Thumbnail

Now that you've learned how to make a good thumbnail, why not try creating a custom thumbnail too? Once you've followed this simple guide, you'll be able to create one of the best YouTube thumbnails possible!

Use A Good Thumbnail Maker

The most crucial building block when creating a good thumbnail has good resources to do so. That's why your safest option is to use one of the best possible Thumbnail makers, such as PixStudio.

PixStudio manages to simplify designs by providing tons of excellent exclusive features such as premade templates and even thousands of different text fonts. Using such an excellent graphic designer platform will allow you to produce high-quality and professional thumbnails in the easiest way possible.

PixStudio YouTube Thumbnail Maker

YouTube Thumbnail Size

Many people don't know that a crucial aspect of creating the ideal YouTube thumbnail is finding the correct size. This tends to take most people by surprise when the thumbnail appears to be small when it shows up in searches.

However, once you click on a video, you will see that the thumbnail expands to a full video's size. This is helpful because the thumbnail is often more representative of the content than the video description. Due to it, you will want the largest possible image size, which can be scaled down instead of a smaller size that will have to be scaled up.

You should know, the best size for a thumbnail is 1280 x 720 pixels, with a minimum width of 640 pixels. Plus, a ratio of 16:9 is also the best-case scenario as it's the one used often in YouTube players and previews. Keep in mind some technical details: the thumbnail must be in JPG, PNG, or GIF image formats, and your thumbnail file should be under the 2MB file size limit. 

Avoid Too Much Text

Another critical aspect when making a good thumbnail is to avoid overflowing it with unnecessary text. Your thumbnail should mainly be filled with colors and items used to catch the viewer's attention. If it is filled with text, the audience will likely grow bored and not give the video a chance.

However, this doesn't mean your thumbnail shouldn't have text at all. Just make sure to include some keywords in there that are enough to pique the viewers' interest so that they can give your video a chance. 

Make It Related To Your Video

Although some may view this as an unspoken fact, it is essential to emphasize that the thumbnail needs to be related to your video. One of the benefits of creating your custom thumbnail is that it allows you to choose what goes on.

It will help you sell the idea of your video to the audience and draw in the right kind of spectators who are genuinely interested in the video's topic. So, use this opportunity to give the viewers a good reason to watch your video by really conveying what it is all about.

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